Women explain why females expect guys to pay for their transportation when they go on dates (video)

debate among Nigerian women over why they expect male to pay for their transportation after date has gone viral.


Two women and female moderator explored the expectations women have of men on dates during discussion.


The ladies indicated that because they spend so much money preparing for the date, they expect guy to pay for their transportation after the date.


One of the ladies discussed hiring cosmetic artist to get dressed, as well as putting on numerous outfits and donning an expensive wig before heading to the venue. 
She stated that it is only fair that the date compensate her for her efforts.


“I always expect, ‘oh, it was nice meeting you o, just take’,” the woman said.


The presenter then inquired whether this meant that women now go on dates only for the purpose of making money, to which the other lady replied that being fine takes money.


“No, it’s not about making money. Do you know the cost of being a fine girl in Lagos? It’s expensive,” the lady said.



Check out the video below…



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