Woman raises alarm over kids pretending to be pure water sellers to trick road users

A woman has raised alarm over new development of children pretending to be pure water sellers just to trick road users.

In a video that the woman shared online via TikTok, a little child could be seen with damaged pure waters sachets along the road side pretending as if they were destroyed while he was selling it, in order to gain help from people.

According to the woman who shared the video on TikTok, said she had saw the child before doing the same thing which made her to raise alarm.

The woman threatened to call the police on the child if he doesn’t leave the road. When the child saw that the woman has raised alarm, he immediately walked up the hill.

Some Road users who were also passing through the same road with the woman who raised the alarm on the new trick, advised her to get into her car and leave because it could be a trap.


The woman was surprised at this new development. She kept videoing the child as he was walking up the hill and almost out of sight.

She also explained to some road users who were also passing that the children will smash their bowl and sachet water on the ground to make it look as if they were hit by vehicle.