WHY YOU DON’T CONTACT THE DE#D: Here Is The Spiritual Game This Individuals Tried And Their Encounter

Another Photage with scary reasons why you shouldn’t play creepy games or mess with spiritual entity you don’t know much about.

A lady by the TikTok handle Sarahi Ramirez and her daughter Regina wanted to try a spiritual like game from Venezuela called “SARITA SARITA” and their encouter at the end will leave you baffled

The aim or purpose of this game is to try to invoke the spirit of an indigenous woman who made a deal with a dark spirit for a seer like abilities

The game is played by tossing two coins while repeatedly saying the words “SARITA SARITA” in order to contact the entity and get her to answer any of your questions

According to the video captured, Sarahi was the first player of the game, she started communicating by asking if they can join the game and according to how the game is interpreted, the answer they got was a “Yes” and this got them frightened a little bit but for a while and yet, nothing seems paranormal until her daughter Regina decided to play and what she encountered won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

As she toss the coin with the question “Do My Friend Envy Me?” And immediately, She felt something touch her and when the Photage was examined, this was what they discovered

A creepy figure that looks like the hand of a human can be seen trying to reach out to the shoulder of Regina.

What do you guys think about this?

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Video by: DarkMoose