When I see you, you’ll show me the DNA test results – Peruzzi threatens a Twitter user who made a derogatory remark about Davido’s kid, Ifeanyi.

Peruzzi has reacted to Twitter user who made derogatory remark about Davido’s kid, Ifeanyi.


In message criticizing Davido on Monday, the Twitter user claimed that Ifeanyi is Peruzzi’s kid. 
He composed:


“Using Peruzzi’s child as an album cover isn’t sure thing. 
‘Low-key, don’t tarnish that young boy’s white with that catastrophe he called an album!!!’ remarked Twitter user.
When I see you, you will show me the DNA test result - Peruzzi threatens Twitter user who made unflattering comment about Davido


Peruzzi, like Davido, has reacted, stating that the guy would produce DNA test to show Ifeanyi is his.

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