“We’re exhausted” – Nigerians express their dissatisfaction with the rising cost of diesel.

Nigerians have flocked to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the startling rise in diesel prices. 
While some petrol outlets charge N750 per litre, some Nigerians claim to pay N1200 to N1500 per litre.


Some Twitter users have stated that their businesses are considering closing owing to the rising price of the product. 
This comes after the national grid failed for the second time on Tuesday, triggering blackouts in various areas.

@kechilauren Tweeted ”We went from using 240,000 naira per month to 450,000 naira per month on diesel alone for the factory. This doesn’t even include the estimated EKEDC bill we get. It makes no sense. Nigeria doesn’t make sense.”


@jaymikkydr Tweeted ”We went from 500,000 per week on diesel to 1.2 million per week. My boss called on urgent meeting to know if we can continue or just close down.”


@mz_wakiki said ”Kechi I am mentally drained. I have a factory and store front, imagine how much I had to spend in the last weeks. Sales have also dropped drastically. I’m exhausted.”


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