We were disappointed with President Buhari’s performance. Choose wisely in 2023, says Baba-Ahmed to northerners.

President Muhammadu Buhari, according to the Northern Elders Forum’s (NEF) spokesperson, is “disappointment” to the north, and Northerners should vote cautiously in the 2023 general elections.
On Saturday, January 15, Baba-Ahmed told journalists in Kaduna that President Buhari vowed to safeguard the country and build the economy, but that he has disappointed the area by failing to do so.


“Northerners were told that if Buhari becomes president, the country would be secured; he will fight corruption; the economy will improve. But now, we are worse. This is not propaganda; it is not fiction. It is a fact on the ground,” he said.

Millions of internally-displaced people (IDP) camp in the north-west, where Buhari comes from as a result of the deadly activities of bandits, but the government is refusing to admit it.

They are refusing to accommodate this view and consider the fact that we have IDPs.

This is not the Nigeria that we voted [to have under] President Buhari, so he is a disappointment and that is why we are calling on Nigerians, particularly, northerners, to be very careful; don’t repeat the same mistake again.

Choose a northerner if you want, but please make sure he is the best among those that are available, including candidates from the south.”he said

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