We just inquired as to whether she had a doctor’s prescription – the Ogun police command denies detaining a MAPOLY student

The Ogun State Police Command has denied arresting Olanipekun Oladayo Irenimofe, a Moshood Abiola Polytechnic student, for purchasing a pregnancy test kit and contraception.


Oladayo’s sister took to social media after she was “arrested” to raise awareness.


“My sister, a Mapoly student, was recently detained for attempting to purchase postpill and pregnancy strips. She is currently stationed at an Abeokuta police station.” she had sent out a tweet


She later revealed in a series of tweets that her sister had been released, but that police had gone looking for her again.


Olukoya later tweeted that the pharmacist who sold the products to her sister had been arrested.


“Please help oooo, she just told me they’re arresting the pharmacist who sold them to her.”

DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi, the state police command PRO, said the officers were only doing their job by interrogating her about whether she had a doctor’s prescription or not.


“Since the morning, the command has released her. She was asked if she had a prescription from a doctor “he stated

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