We are not Having a Lowkey Wedding, We have already Invited People for it, I wont leave my career for marriage – Actress M’o Bimpe shout out loud

According to Punch Newspapers, actress Adebimpe Oyebade has stated that she will not put her career on hold in order to marry her husband.

Adebimpe Oyebade, also known as Mo’Bimpe, a popular actress, has stated that she is not ready to put her career on hold in order to marry fellow actor Lateef Adedimeji.

Remember that the couple had been dogged by rumors that they were dating, which they vehemently denied. However, a few weeks ago, they finally admitted what many had suspected all along: they were dating and planning to marry in December.

“Why should a woman put her career on hold for marriage?” Oyebade said in an interview with Saturday Beats. The one has no bearing on the other. Because they can both work together, there is no need for one person to put their career on hold for the other.”

Mo’Bimpe also stated that marrying her coworker would have no impact on her career. “I don’t think marrying a fellow entertainer would have an impact on my career,” she said. By being cautious, I will make my marriage work and last a long time. I’ll keep praying as well.”

At the time she publicly denied being in a relationship with Adedimeji, the actress also stated that she was not dating him. “I don’t think I should come on social media and discuss my relationship,” she said. I don’t think that’s necessary because I’m a very private person, as almost everyone knows. On social media, I don’t share details about my personal life. That has always been the type of person I have been. I was not dating Lateef Adedimeji at the time of the interview where I said I wasn’t dating him.”

“We are not having a low-key wedding because we (have) already invited people,” Oyebade said of their plans for the upcoming wedding, which is being anticipated by many of their fans. The wedding has already been widely publicized. Members of the media are also welcome.”

The actress went on to say that her acting career has no bearing on her marriage and that there is no need for her to stop working because she can collaborate with her husband.

This elicited a variety of responses, some of which are listed below:

Many argue that Actress Adebimpe’s statement demonstrates that women must remember that their careers must be built even when they are married. This enables them to support themselves without the assistance of their husbands.

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