Wahala:Pocolee speechless, artists invited were chased away by some LASU senior men, Seyi_vibez missing(video)

Nigerian controversial dancer, Pocolee has been rendered speechless at the behavior of some guys in his LASU Homecoming concert.

Report stated that some “senior men” in LASU chased away artist like Belle Shmurda, Young John, Mohbad and Odumodo blvck that Pocolee invited to his show in LASU.

A video that was posted online shows when Pocolee addresses the crowd as he was so disappointed at such behavior of the LASU guys.

Belle Shmurda was seen being escorted out by his body guards, and Odumodo blvck running out after they were chased away by the LASU senior men.

Mohbad was also called a thief by some LASU guys as he was leaving the Pocolee show centre.

After some time, the crowd were creaming for Seyi_vibez but he was nowhere to be found. Pocolee told the crowd that he went somewhere and he will soon be back, but Seyi_vibez never did.

Source alleged that Seyi_vibez did not even attend the show because he has foreseen what the LASU guys did to Belle Shmurda, Odumodo blvck and the rest artists that went for the show.

Netizens as well reacted to what happened to artists in LASU and said that before the students will witness such an event again is going to take decades.

See videos below.