“wahala” as Paul offers N5m to any who can give information to track the troll that wished Davido de@d

Nigerian mogul, Paul O. has laid on ground the sum of N5M to anyone who can give a vital information on how to track down the troll that wished Davido dead on Twitter recently.

Social media have been on fire ever since the troll identified on Twitter as “winco” wished the popular celebrity, Davido dead.

On Instagram, Paul O. posted on his account that it’s good to find the troll to explain his tweet, and he is ready to give any body five million naira (N5 Million) that would help with the information to track the troll .

@davido is good to find this guy!!! What is this???? I’m putting 5M!! To find this guy location!!!! To just explain this tweet,” Paul O. posted.

Paul O. Source pic: Instagram

Seeing this post, many netizens supported the move and recommend it. Check some out.

@ibrahim_nuhu -“abdullahi If na to help people una no fit give 5M but if na to impress for rubbish na dat one uh sabi”

@meratelivinglarge –“5 million to find the guy wetin u wan do am? Oga keep your 5 million I’m giving you 10 million to delete that post

@teiyimalenare -“For those of you saying,’ He should use the money to help people’ Don’t forget he’s a humanitarian and that means he has been helping ppl before now. How many ppl have you helped with the little you have????…till you’re in that position of doing something crazy for someone you Loved, you’ll never understand!!!!!

@simeon.delight “Good idea, people hide behind social media to bully people so if dem teach one lesson others body go calm down”

@unwana_kingz “As a Fan, Make sure when you talk about Wizkid, Davido and Burna you don’t insult family or involve life.

“That’s a line that should never be crossed and I hope they use some of you as example. Public treatment so Una go learn.Focus on only the Music or shut-up. Nonsense.”

@priscillia_oluchi_”I am just imagining what was going through this person’s head they made him pick up his phone and typed Down this. Like!! How? Why? Omo! This one weak me ooo I swear.”

9jasingles_partner_connects- “Please when you find him. Don’t touch him as in Hard beating please. Just lecture him about online misused of words and human empathy please abeg. Some people lack love from home. Just fetch him. Know why he said what he said and then counsel him. POPE JOHN PAUL II, FORGIVE THE POOR GUY THAT SHOT HIM AND HAD A WORD WITH HIM. When he was interviewed, he said he has been looking for a way to appear in a global news whether good or bad for attention. At the end, it’s shows he lacked LOVE FROM HOME. Just catch him and know why he thinks that far.”