Unveiling the Untold Story of Davido, Anita Brown, and their Journey to Stardom: A Tale of Love, Music, and Resilience

Davido, the Nigerian music sensation, and Anita Brown, his former partner, captivate fans with their intriguing journey. Behind the glitz and glamour of fame, lies a story that many are unaware of. In this article, we delve into seven captivating things about Davido, Anita Brown, and their untold tale. From their initial encounter to their renowned co-parenting relationship, this article aims to shed light on the lesser-known aspects of their lives.

1. The Genesis of Love:

Davido, born David Adedeji Adeleke, first met Anita Brown during their days at Oakwood University in Atlanta, Georgia. The blossoming romance eventually led to the birth of their daughter, Imade Adeleke. However, amidst the joy, their relationship faced its challenges, which subsequently dissolved their love affair.

2. The Co-Parenting Journey:

Despite their separation, Davido and Anita Brown have exemplified a mature approach to co-parenting. They have consistently shown support for each other as responsible parents to their daughter, Imade. This unwavering dedication demonstrates their commitment to fostering a healthy environment for their child.

3. Anita Brown: The Entrepreneur:

Anita Brown, an independent and driven individual, has made a name for herself beyond her connection to Davido. She successfully established a thriving hair extension business, Hair by Mami, catering to the beauty needs of numerous clients. This remarkable achievement showcases her resilience and entrepreneurial prowess.

4. Davido’s Adoration for Motherhood:

Davido has openly expressed his love and admiration for the women in his life, particularly his mother and his daughter. In various interviews, he has credited his mother as his biggest inspiration and has embraced the role of a doting father to Imade. This profound connection exemplifies his appreciation for the importance of family bonds.

5. Imade Adeleke: The Influencer:

At a tender age, Imade Adeleke has already garnered a significant following on social media. Her charismatic personality, captured through videos and photos shared by both parents, has endeared her to fans worldwide. With her charming smile and confident aura, Imade is undoubtedly bound for greatness.

6. Davido and Anita’s Respectful Coexistence:

Though their romantic relationship may have ended, Davido and Anita Brown have managed to maintain a respectful and cordial bond. They often attend events together, ensuring their daughter feels loved and supported by both parents. Their harmony serves as a testament to their maturity and mutual understanding.

7. Unique Bond with Imade:

Davido’s deep connection with his daughter is evident from their shared moments, which he often diligently documents on social media platforms. From singing lullabies to accompanying her on playdates, Davido cherishes every moment with Imade, emphasizing the importance of a strong paternal presence.


Davido and Anita Brown’s journey, marked by love, challenges, and co-parenting, showcases their resilience and dedication to their daughter, Imade. Beyond their celebrity status, their story resonates with individuals around the world, emphasizing the significance of nurturing meaningful relationships and embracing the complexities of parenthood. The evolution of their lives is a testament to the power of love and the unwavering commitment to the well-being and happiness of their child.