U.S Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. owns up to $250,000 in Bitcoin, financial records reveal

According to financial records, Robert F. Kennedy Junior, one of the United State presidential candidate owns up to $250,000 in Bitcoin.

Robert F. Kennedy Junior on may in Miami stood at world’s biggest Bitcoin conference and told the crowd, “I am not an investor and I am not here to give investment advice.”

What the Democratic candidate for president, Robert F. Kennedy Junior didn’t tell the crowd was that his family have recently invested in Bitcoin.

According to a financial disclosure form he filed June 30. On the twelfth page of the report, Kennedy lists a brokerage account that held between $100,001 and $250,000 worth of bitcoin.

Hours after this story was published, Robert F. Kennedy”s Champaign manager who was a former Democratic representative, Dennis Kucinich told close source that the Bitcoin was purchased after the speech in Miami and before the June 30 filling deadline.