Two security guards were killed in Akwa Ibom, according to police.


“The Police Command in Akwa Ibom has been updated about a report going around that Ibeno indigenes killed two Eket sons in Ibeno Local Government Area (LGA).

“As a command, we do not join issues with either two local governments because the constitution mandates us with the responsibility of providing security for the entire Akwa Ibom and not a particular local government area.

“However, our attention had been drawn to what we can call hatred and generalisation from the two local governments.”

The bodies have been collected and put at the mortuary by the command. Mr Amiengheme Andrew, the state’s Commissioner of Police, has ordered a discreet investigation into the matter, according to the police spokeswoman.


Macdon continued,

“As I speak, the Commissioner of Police, Andrew has ordered an investigation to be conducted.

“We are more concerned because people have come out with allegations and counter allegations, claims and counter claims.

“Preliminary, that is the report at our disposal, it wasn’t Ibeno people that killed Eket sons deliberately, but a burglar that took place at the facility.”

Macron also cautioned against hastily posting on social media, stating that it was improper to write something without first verifying the facts.

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