Trending video of a Nigerian man forcefully brushing his wife’s teeth and beating her

After she refused to let him brush her teeth for too long, a Nigerian man was caught on tape hitting his wife.


Zahidat has been identified as the woman who is claimed to be a mother of three children. The assault has been going on for over 8 years, according to Instagram user @PJ Somie, and the lady wants justice because she’s mentally, physically, and emotionally tired and can’t speak any longer.


She wrote;


“This is Zahidat a mother of three the man bru***ing her is her husband this has been going on for over 8years now she needs justice please she’s drained mentally, physically, and emotionally she can’t talk any longer only God knows if this man has cut her tongue this is just wickedness this man needs to be put in his place she really needs help please”



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