“This’s life in cross”_ Nigerian soldiers climbing tower to get network to call their families(video)

Probably unbelievable as the prestigious Nigerian soldiers are seen climbing a network tower to get good network to call their various families.

A video going swiftly on social media captured the event when a group of the Nigerian army went up the network tower to get a good network.

The person who was recording this astonishing show said that the soldiers have to climb the tower to enable them get tangible network to communicate with their families.

The video recorder describes this act as a “life in Cross” and expressed depression and sadness at what caused the soldiers to climb the tower just to get a network, adding that this is what the country, Nigeria have brought them to.

See video

This as usual attracted comment from people who also felt bad about this situation.

@eghebankoko __”I wonder how many hours this video go take to send out O sorry”

@iam_dunmade__ “So the army can’t provide satellite phones, it only takes one RPG to kill over 20 soldiers at once. SMH”

@oladipo_ogs__ “Are they going heaven or hell”