The troll that wished Davido de@d reacts to Paul’s offering to track him down

The troll that went viral for wishing Nigerian Singer, Davido dead has reacted to the post of Paul O. Offering money to track him down .

Recall that FirstNaijaGist posted recently that Nigerian mogul, Paul O. offered the sum of N5M to anyone that can provide information on how to track the troll.

The troll with the username Winco_3 saw what Paul posted on Instagram as it also went viral, he reacted to it.

Pic on Winco handle

Winco tweeted on Twitter that Paul does not have to “make noise” on social media to track him down because nothing is going to happen to him.

He even went as far as insulting Paul, calling him a “bald headed toothless man” using “Igbo sense” to deceive people all for public “validation”.

Winco tweeted__:”Paulo is funny. U dey put 5m for my head Imao. Bald headed toothless man, using Igbo sense to deceive people for public validation. If you really want to find me you can easily do that without making noise on social media and when you do that I promise you nothing will happen.”

On another tweet, Winco replied a female fan who asked him to give details of his location on Twitter saying that, she should keep her mouth shut and stop asking him to drop his location because if Davido and Paul want to find him, they would have found him immediately.

Lol. If Paulo and Davido wants to track me today today, they can do it. So shut up with the drop location sh!t, u wey ur mama no go gree comot gate,” Winco tweeted .

Other fans who saw this tweet but didn’t went on with them well, Bombast Winco to drop his location and cut the crap.

@Superstartemi-“Werey drop location fess”

@Shefzo001 _”I been Dey hate you before but this reply gat me jaiye lor bruh

@neweraki_ “Shaa drop location na, since nothing will happen that you’re promising, drop location, drop picture and then wait for month end if e sure for your papa!!!

@Ejike40141481_” I hope you go ft match dsame energy u dey use here d day this people go meet u in person,cus even your projector go mute u den”

@Youngfr_”16hYour mama own don spoiled already”

@Rebirth0056. _”Oga u take Dey make noise. Drop location na 20 for ur body”

@iamtimele‚Ķ.”You know what since we don’t want anyone to know pls drop the location for secretly and see what comes after @Winco 3″

@phemylee2004_”Drop location and spare them stress make you no wetin go do you”

@blaaq_king-“If send him the location, they’ll be right there if burna boy no go save you oh no try that kind thing oh”

@iamtimele_“3h If dey born you well delete your account @Winco_3”