“The news that I gave birth to Davido’s second child is fake”_Davido’s second babymama clears rumor

The second babymama of Singer Davido, Mandi has debunked and cleared the air on the rumors that she has given birth to a second child for the Afrobeat singer, Davido.

Recall that the news of Mandi given birth to another child went viral on social media lately.

According to Mandi, the news is totally a fake news and the baby in the photo is not her baby but her best friend’s child.

She also called out popular Instagram blogger, Gistlovers for making up stories, clarifying that she only has a child for Davido.

“Woke up to some serious bullshit!! I can’t even post my best friend’s baby without you people making shit up! It clearly says “vi’s baby” Like tf is really wrong with you people ? Or did i type in Chinese? Cause that was clearly simple English!


“You people r sick. Leave me tf alone! I never clear up shit, but keep my name out y’all mouth with all these damn lies and imaginations! That’s my fucking best friend’s baby!I knew y’all were stupid but i didn’t know y’all couldn’t read either? Tf

“The delusion is getting scary…y’ all go find a better hobbie instead of stalking my every move and making shit up! Y’all don’t get tired?

“Dumb ass gistlover or whatever it’s called you trynna find confirmation and proof for that story u posted so badly that ur claiming someone’s else kid is my child! Well for your record i only have one child and ONE CHILD ONLY! Just take this L and move on! Your story will never add up! I never debunk shit but at least have some respect for the child’s actual parents. Miserable people,” Mandi wrote.