The Most Terrifying True Story About Young Guys Who Rented An Apartment To Have Fun

This is a true horrifying story, This story took place in Dubai very recently. There’s a group of young Emirati guys that contributed money to rent a villa in a community in Dubai. They pretty much wanted to co-rent a house so they can spend time together on the weekends. So they rented this villa. They were playing games, partying, doing wrong things, bringing girls over, you know, stuff like that. On a normal weekend,

one of these guys named Ahmad started talking to a local girl recently. After a couple of tries, he finally convinces her to come over. Before she arrived, he tells his friends not to come upstairs as he would be in one of the bedrooms with this girl. When she arrived, he immediately takes her upstairs and locks the bedroom door. In 30 minutes exactly, all the guys downstairs hear drastic screaming coming from upstairs.

They see Ahmad running down the stairs, completely naked with no clothes on, scared for his life. They ask him what is going on. He stutters in fear saying, get out of this house, all of you. They thought he was playing some sort of prank until they see the girl run down the stairs, also with no clothes on. She was screaming with a man’s voice telling Ahmad to come back.

It wasn’t her normal voice, it sounded raspy and very manly. They all run outside and one of Ahmad’s friends takes his pants off and gives it to Ahmad so he can cover up. They start running and knocking on neighbors’ doors in panic because calling the police will not help the situation, maybe because there was something inside the house they didn’t want the police to see. There was an Emirati neighbor nearby that allowed them to stay in his home until they figured out a solution.

As they explain the story to this neighbor, Ahmad sneaks outside and sees this girl completely dressed up, in her clothes, conscious and not knowing what is going on. He yells at her from a distance saying, stay away from me, don’t come any closer, I want nothing to do with you. She cries in pain, not knowing what she did.

She asks him, why are you standing far from me? He told her to leave. She cries and begs him to drop her home because she didn’t even know where she was. This was a Ashiq jinn that possessed this girl and this jinn did not allow another man to do the dirty with her. If someone wanted to be a hero while these things were happening, something very bad could have happened and lives could have been taken.


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