The craziest thing I’ve done on stage is slapping my father – Femi Adebayo

Femi Adebayo, a Nollywood actor, has revealed that his job has driven him to do strange things including assaulting his own father.

Adebayo, the son of famous actor Adebayo Salami aka Oga Bello, told Punch Newspaper’s Sunday Scoop that he has had to perform fantastic parts and then apologize for them.

He said, “I have been presented with scripts where I had to slap my father on set and I must do it as an actor. He has slapped me on set too countless times. The moment we are acting, I don’t see him as my father anymore; I see him as a colleague and we need to interpret our roles very well. He trained me and he is my boss in the industry. He has taught me not to fear whenever I come across a bigger actor or someone like him on set. But the moment the director says stop, I prostrate to him and apologise.”

Adebayo also addressed the Yoruba-English film difference in Nigeria’s film business, claiming that English film performers are likely to earn more money than their Yoruba counterparts since their films appeal to a bigger audience. “We can’t expect a Yoruba film to have the same viewership as an English one,” he remarked. Yoruba people make up the majority of Yoruba movie lovers. As a result of this, English-language films make more money since they have a larger market. However, I have no regrets about being a Yoruba actor. We have a lot of Yoruba actors that are very comfortable in their skin, and Yoruba actors are more well-liked outside of their native land than English actors. We’re getting a lot of positive feedback from our fans.”

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