“That’s a nice marketing skill”_ Singer Teni as she dashes money to kids

Nigerian popular singer, Teni has shown good and kind gesture to kids as she dashes each and everyone of them money.

Teni while sharing money to the children who were in a straight line, asked them whether they are going to be good kids and go to school which they all answered “yes” in chorus.

As the songstress was giving out the money which was in five hundred naira notes, it got to the turn of one of the kids who was also in the queue, as he received the money he rapidly prayed for Teni that she is going to gain more money in her bank account.

Hearing this, Teni called back the boy as he was about to leave and she gave him another money because the child did was Teni described as a “nice marketing skill”

Though the place where she carried out this act was not revealed but it is suspected to be at a beach where she went to have a good time.

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