Surprising: Man drove private jet to his village

It’s rather shocking or surprising as a man drove his expensive private jet to his village.

The owner of the private jet who was not revealed in the video trending on social media went to the village with the private jet to show it to his village people.

On the video shared on Instagram by popular blogger, Tunde Ednut, the private jet landed in the village and the people of the village crowded up to see the amazing event.

Few minutes when the private jet landed in the village, it immediately took off and flew away.

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Check comments that went down as the video went viral.

“Sometimes, the people who do this are the ones whose families were counted out, no one ever believed that light would ever come in their lineage.
God bless every genuine hustler”

@stayc33__ “Even the dust no let the poor breath”

@obaksolo__ “You wan Press your Village People neck Na CHEF DAMMY dey Inside”

@biggybanky__ “This one go network with any traffic controller around.”

@jeffryprettypretty __”Some rich people no dey fear village people, na me wey no too get dey fear village people”

@oouhoestory__”Village people wey dey fly, una don see wetin fly pass una”

@_temisanre __”You guys are not seeing what’s happening. Do you know that there are several unlicensed airports that airplanes fly in and cart away with raw materials like gold, and other natural resources from Nigeria, without being noticed by customs or immigration. Countless number of them fly into our porous air space.”