“Stop celebrating your husband’s failure, there is no perfect man”_ Funke Adejumo tells married women

Clergywoman, Funke Felix-Adejumo, advises women, especially married women on the importance of protecting their husband’s affairs.

The female pastor preaching during church service said that women should avoid the urge of discussing their husband downfall to other people.

The prophetess while emphasizing on “No Man Is Perfect”, said that every marriage that is a success today went through hard times, and was kept as secrete to themselves.

“To those of you that are married, cover your husband’s nakedness. There is no perfect husband anywhere; stop celebrating your husband’s failures. You are now an awakened woman now; is it because people are not telling you about their stories.

Do you know what people have gone through and are going through? You talk about your husband everywhere in the neighborhood, everybody knows your story; it’s not right,”  she said.

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