“stay away from Nollywood actresses”_Nigerian investigative journalist, Moji Danisa makes shocking allegations against NSPPD pastor

Nigerian investigative journalist, Moji Danisa released a bombshell allegations against the pastor of “New Season prophetic prayer and declaration”, pastor Jerry Ochechukwu Eze.

The investigative journalist said that the NSPPD pastor, Jerry Eze has been doing something that is against the christian believe.

According to her, she alledged that pastor Jerry Ochechukwu Eze has been sending actresses money specifically popular nollywood actor, Tonto Dikey from offering and tithe money from his church.

Moji accused pastor Jerry Eze for sending huge amount of money to some Nigerian actresses that shake their accounts.

“Pastor Jerry Eze stay away from Nollywood Actresses, you sent a very Huge amount of money to Tonto Dikeh, Imagine, money from tithes, offerings and donations from people who truly believe in you,” Moji Danisa said.