South East votes alone can’t give us Presidency – Chidoka tells Igbos

Former Aviation Minister Osita Chidoka has urged the country’s southeast area to collaborate with other regions in order to increase their prospects of winning the presidency.



In an interview with Channels Television, Chidoka reacted to charges that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was sidelining the area ahead of the 2023 elections, insisting that collaboration with other regions will be vital to having a president from the southeast.




According to the PDP Chieftain;


“What I think the southeast is going to be doing is recalibrate our presence in the PDP and continue our strong push for a president from the southeast.

“So, I think we have four to eight years between us and the presidency. We need a strong candidate. We need to continue building on what we have gained already. We need to build ourselves up to be able to present that candidate that would tell the country ‘It is our turn’. And that our turn will be fought on the grounds of the Eagle Square; on the grounds of wherever the primary is.

“We hope that that candidate will be able to elicit votes from other parts of the country because southeast votes are not going to make us president. No matter how many southeast votes we get for ourselves, we need to convince the rest of the country to support our aspirations.”

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