“sorry I messed with your dad but you can’t breakup with me”_ lady refuses to accept breakup from boyfriend(video)

A young lady has taken to social media to make clear that she has refused to accept the breakup her boyfriend is trying to do to her.

The young lady who identified her boyfriend as JJ, said he blocked her on all social media platforms and even her email address, not letting her mails come through to him.

According to the young lady, she is sorry that she messed up with his boyfriend’s father but that doesn’t mean JJ should breakup with her.

She further explained that before they started the relationship, she told her boyfriend, JJ that there won’t be anything like ‘breakup’ no matter what happens.

She added that JJ had begged her mother to plead with her to leave him alone, but that is all in vain because she is in love with him and there is no going back.

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The video which seemed so hilarious has attracted people to pour out their thoughts on the comment section.

@kizzyservicehubltd wrote ;”Nah this kain type man suppose jump and pass – e go use love ‘kpai’ you. If cannot have you, nobody can.”

@iam_victorobi__ “Any love wey don reach to dey sing song Wahala don dey like that. Jay Jay don play am pass Okocha”

@donflexx__ “JJ go reason with your Pops man on man for details”

@tufab__”JJ don enter one chance. My kind of girl. If you tell me you need space, I’ll take out all the furnitures in the house. That’s all the space you’ll get.”

@ojb.sport__ “Are we going to ignore the part where she said she’s “Sorry for messing around with JJ’s dad ?” This gender”