shocking: Man shows off his ill-stature father online

A man has put social media ablaze as he shared a video of his father that has a ill-stature.

The young man who was not ashamed of the fact that his father was not good looking in stature, wished his father a happy Father’s Day.

This has really got people’s heart melted as they commend the young man of being proud of his father despise his looking condition.

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@Douye Jeremiah wrote_ “I’m proud of him some people will not have the courage to even allow their friends to visit them in their house not to talk of showing to the public.
Some people will go as far as using others to replace their parents on their wedding day because they are ashamed of them. Why make him look bad before the public when he is pampering and enjoying with his father.”

@Worth More Than Gold_”True definition of What your dad can see on your shoulder you can’t see it even if you climb mountain “

@Kenneth George_”This is a show of love and honor, he is proud of the Short Dad.”

@Princess Ify _”The mother will be a strong woman God abeg oh”

@Muhammad Zayyad_”Short fatherly love.

@Vera Obasi wrote_”Permit me to laugh”

@Ani Aniedi_ “That’s how he chose to relate with his son, there’s a way you speak with ur parents, to them it’s ok n maybe fun, but to people out there it’s disrespectful.”