Shocking as Grammy organisers described Wizkid and Rema as up- coming artists

The all estimable Recording Academy have received a lot of critics from Nigerians because they described Wizkid and Rema as up-coming artists.

The Grammy award organisers on Instagram posted on their status and placed Rema and Wizkid on the category of up-and-coming.

“Who is an up-and-coming Black artist everyone should have on their radar? Wizkid, Rema,” Grammy organisers posted.

Most Nigerians didn’t see this right rather an insult because Wizkid and Rema are among the Nigerian big artists that are successfully and well respected both in Nigeria and across the world.

@Rosythrone wrote-“Their opinion don’t change d fact dat Wizkid is the biggest so far!.”

@edge_vibez_sos wrote -“Person when big pass Grammy.”

Na we de do ourself. We just don’t know the kind of weight and power we have, we licking a$$es that’s why they can feel more powerful than us, they know what we are already, but we, we don’t know.

“If we can have our own award, supported with infinite respect, love, sincerity, oneness, promoting knowledge about Alkebulan and our power and worth, we will break away from their influence and naming which has gotten dominion over us for centuries. Possibly name it THE ALKEBULAN AWARD (research pls),They would wish to have them invited. to The Alkebulan Award.

“We can have our own dignity restored, if we understand the power of unity. And we won’t be waiting to be verified by them, and if we still follow same path, WE WILL STILL BE NAMED BY THEM. And you will wear the name given to you by them for the rest of your lives and you just have to live by how they treat you. UNLESS WE ALL WAKE UP,”@officialcnero wrote.