“Shallipopi’s mother set me up, they tricked me into collecting mere 50k”_ Original singer of Shallipopi’s Obapluto(Obaisi) song cries out for justice

The original singer of popular Shallipopi’s “Obapluto” (Obaisi) song has cried out for justice and demands compensation from Shallipopi.

In an interview on “Breaktime Show” on ITV with Sydney Shocker, the original owner of the remixed song known as Pa Monday said Shallipopi’s mother set him up, and she and her son tricked him into collecting mere N50k which he thought it would be N500k and above.

According to Pa Monday, there was no negotiation and agreement on the N50k that he was given, he thought it was just a mere token to keep him waiting till Shallipopi would finally come to compensate him for using his song.

Though, Shallipopi’s family have been begging him not to take the matter to court. For that, he has given Shallipopi some days to come see him, but if he fails, Pa Monday said he will tell his lawyer to continue with the case and Shallipopi will face the penalty according to the law for using his song without his permission.

When asked what he want as to end the whole situation, Pa Monday said Shallipopi should come and see him for them to sort things out as family.

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