“Shaggi let the unfit breeet”_ Mr Macaroni replies Broda Shaggi

Popular Nigerian comedian, Mr Macaroni has jokingly replied colleague, Broda Shaggi concerning what he said about the video he posted.

On the video, Mr Macaroni was training in a gym by a coach to keep fit, but due to Mr Macaroni not been used to the kind of training, it then look like a big deal to him.

After Mr Macaroni posted the video on the Mark Zuckerberg newly launched app, Threads, Broda Shaggi teased him saying that the training that Mr Macaroni is seeing as a big deal is just a little thing.

“Na this small thing wey this boy do day before yesterday for gym Wey no make an come today o ….@mrmacaroni1 You don d*e for my hand,
just Thread carefully!” Broda Shaggi said teasing Mr Macaroni.

Responding to what Broda Shaggi said, Mr Macaroni begged Broda Shaggi to let him have a breathing space .

Shaggi let the unfit breeet… don’t suffocate us,” Mr Macaroni wrote.

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