“see resemblance”_ Enioluwa gushes as he strike a mother and son pose with Kate Henshaw

Brands influencer, Enioluwa Adeoluwa on Instagram gushes over the privilege of having a striking pose with Kate Henshaw.

Enioluwa gave the impression when sharing the beautiful pictures on his Instagram page that he has a good resemblance of the popular actress, Kate Henshaw.

Kate Henshaw and Adeoluwa. source pic: enioluwaofficial/ Instagram

According to him, he said that he is eternally grateful to Kate Henshaw because it’s a privilege for him to have such a woman as a mother in his life.

He insinuated that having such a mother that is always there for him and whom he learn from anytime things go “weary” for him made him a truly privileged person.

” Mother & Son. Do Y’all See The Resemblance? Woke up this morning eternally grateful for the gift that is Kate Henshaw and how privileged I am and we all are to have her in our lives. I know she’s in the gym now, exercising, and I’m here eating; that’s balance!

“I love you so much & forever, Mother @k8henshaw. It’s a privilege always to have people you can lean on when things get weary. Thanks for always being there, ” Enioluwa posted .

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