Robbers fight each other during operation

At renowned resort in Rukenya near Kutus town, Kirinyaga County in Kenya, robbery operation took sad turn when the thieves disagreed and turned against each other, killing two people.


Around a.m. on Saturday, February 19, over nine armed men allegedly jumped over the Thiba Falls Resort fence and stripped the guard naked before tying him up.


They then smashed into the bar counters and went on drinking binge before loading some of the patrons into vehicle parked outside the establishment.


Soon after, the gang members turned against one another and began fighting with lethal weapons.


When Paul Kigundu, the owner of the firm, was informed of the event, he arrived shortly after a.m.

They said;


“When I arrived, I found police officers already at the scene staring at the two bloody stained bodies which were lying apart within the parking bay. There were also many broken bottles that the robbers must have used to fight each other.”

variety of rudimentary weaponry were also discovered across the road. 
Gichugu East Sub-County Police Commander Antony Mbogo, who came at the scene as well, refused to speak to the press, claiming that his superiors were also present, trying to put together the data before coming to decision about what happened.


Onlookers flocked to the area, hoping to catch glimpse of the bodies, which were still lying there by a.m.


While those who fled were being pursued, the remains were removed from the scene and transferred to Kerugoya Level hospital morgue so that police could obtain their fingerprints and confirm their identities.

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