Reno Omokiri calls out Tunde Bakare for failing to secure vote in APC presidential primary

Tunde Bakare, has been labeled as a “well-known manipulator” by Reno Omokri.


Reno said this after the priest failed to receive a single vote in the APC Presidential primary that had ended. This comes after a video of Bakare preaching in his church, prophesying that after President Buhari leaves office in 2023, he will be the next President, resurfaced.


Reno penned;


”To all those who allow their pastors tell them who God says they should marry or not marry: Can you see how what Pastor Tunde Bakare claimed God told him panned out? Some of these pastors manipulate your belief in them. Believe in God not your pastors!

Tunde Bakare is a well known manipulator. He has lied in God’s Name not once or thrice. Please research these by yourself: In 1999, he claimed God told him Obasanjo would die and not be sworn in. In 2006, he claimed Buhari was part of Nigeria’s decaying past. In 2018, he said God told him he would be our 16th President!

Why am I calling him out? Because if we do not, he will explain this away and fool people with more lies in future.

Pentecostal and evangelical pastors are some of the most unsupervised people. In denominations, like the Catholic Church, they have a structure that helps a priest separate his delusions from the word of God. But with these churches, there are no such demarcations!”


Reno Omokri calls out Pastor Tunde Bakare after he failed to secure a vote in APC presidential primary

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