“President Tinubu will not fail Nigerians”_ Tinubu’s son, Seyi guaranteed Nigerians

The son of Nigeria current President, Tinubu Seyi has guaranteed Nigerians that his father, Pres. Bola Ahmed Tinubu will not fail the country.

Seyi made the proclamation as he gave appreciation to people who have shown support in his father’s tenor.

Seyi Tinubu guaranteed that the President, Ahmed Tinubu will not fail Nigerians. According to him, President Ahmed Tinubu is the hope that Nigerians have been hoping and looking for.

From people’s reactions, it apparently didn’t fall in line with what Seyi Tinubu said due to the hardship that has engrossed since his father stepped in as President.

@lovedoctorfab wrote; “I initially thought Tinubu knows what he wants to do but this suffer on Nigerians is unfair. I don’t know what to think anymore. Well, he said “baby step of pains” hmmm”

@ladyque_1 __”Buhari own na “I assure you”, this one na ” I guarantee you”. Nigerians don suffer”

@nigerians_in_germany __”A man that has already failed you. Go and shave your beard, Ode.”

@endylight1 __”INEC is to be blamed for forcing your father on us, majority of Nigerian citizens did not vote for him. He did not win the election, he committed perjury. Check my story for the Tribunal update.”

@ademolaadebayo__ “You have access to Baba Bola Tinubu. Let him know the current hardship in Nigeria. People are suffering and already missing Buhari. I hope all will be well”

@gandy_jaysuyon __”Your papa na one chance. I dey happy for people way vote for ham. We gather dey inside together. Poor people no go breath this time around”

endylight1 Tinubu will be disqualified whether you like it or not, Eyes on the Judiciary. Check my story for the court update

@meetemmanueljacob __”I mean, he’syour father, we were not expecting you to say otherwise. Your family is obviously the first family this administration will favour.”

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