Pastor informs member that her son would be slain within a week, then orders her to “go out” while she begs him to revoke the prophecy.

A female member of his church was promised by a preacher that her son, an armed robber, would be dead within the week.


This comment was recorded, and the footage is now circulating online.


The pastor questioned the woman whether any of her children had a gun while prophesying in church. The woman affirmatively responded. He then inquired as to whether or not the child is a security operator, to which she replied that he is not.


The widow was then informed by the preacher that her son is an armed robber who will be slain within the week.


The mom is aware that her son robs people, according to the pastor, and she keeps the earnings in her bank account for him.


The woman begged the preacher to void the prophecy and instead pray for her son to lay down his pistol and cease robbing people.4

The pastor, on the other hand, told her that God had decided to make him drop his weapon by killing him.


Watch the video below.



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