Offset accuses Cardi B of sle£ping with another man, Cardi B reacts

Popular singer and several award winner, Offset has accused his wife, Cardi B of sleeping with another man.

The rapper took this allegation to his Instagram status where he posted about his wife’s infidelity.

According to him, his wife had s*x with another man which he was enable to know about.

Offset. Source: Instagram

My wife fu***d a N**** on me gang yall n***** know how I come,” Offset posted on since deleted Instagram status post.

On Twitter space, Card B had reacted to clear up her name regarding what her husband, Offset had earlier on accused her of.

Cardi B on the Twitter space said that Offset can not accuse her of the sin he knows that he is guilty of.

The Grammy award winner said that people should not listen to her husband because what he accused her of is not true.

Card B. Source: Instagram

Cardi B directly reacted to offset’s status post that even if she wanted to cheat on her husband, that wouldn’t be with a regular guy that would tell the world about it, instead, because she is Cardi B, she would have wanted it to be private and secret if she really want to cheat on her husband.

Listen to the Twitter space recording