Nursing mother cries out after finding spirit inside a supposed Citramin syrup container (video)

A nursing mother has cried out after she found a spirit inside a container she bought that was suppose to be a Citramin syrub for her baby.

According to the video shared online, the woman said she went to a shopping mall that has a pharmacy in it to purchase the drug in Owerri, Imo state.

The nursing mother who always have a taste of anything she gives her baby, said after she bought the supposed Citramin Syrup, she notice that it has the odour of spirit that she later confirmed.

She then went further to show a simple experimental method on the drug she bought for her baby to show that it was not a vitamin syrub but a spirit.

After showing all necessity to prove that the drug she bought was a spirit, she then advised mothers to be very careful with things they give to their babies.

Watch video below(swipe)

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