“No ring, no sex” – a 32-year-old South African lady vows to stay a virgin until she marries.

Zukiswa Joyi, 32-year-old South African lady, has reaffirmed her promise to stay virgin until she marries.


When she celebrated her birthday last year, the worship leader and Durban University of Technology graduate disclosed that she is still virgin.


On Thursday, she published an item on Facebook that claimed Venus William is still virgin at the age of 32.


“I’m 32 years old, by the way. 
Until marry, I’m still virgin. 
Here, we worship God. 
There will be no sex if there is no ring. 
It’s all about sexual purity and sanctity “she penned


"No ring, no sex" - 32-year-old South African woman reiterates vow to remain a virgin until marriage?

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