Nigeria’s tallest man, Afeez Agoro is dead after battling with illness

The Nigeria’s tallest man named Afeez Agoro is dead.

It was reported that he died due to the sickness he had which unfortunately took his life.

After Agoro’s last post on Facebook on his successful recovering of hip replacement which he posted:” Thank God almighty for a successful operation now it’s time for therapy,” it was learnt that he was rushed to the hospital after he developed some complications.

Through everything, he still died and this had brought sorrow to the hearts of many that loved him. The Nation confirmed that his burial arrangement has commence at his residence in community road, Akoka.

It was capturing as a fan who wasn’t pleased at all with the news said that in some weeks ago, Afeez Agoro went online to beg for support to get a surgery that could have saved his life but didn’t get any, and now he is everything after his demise .

In his words:”I feel really sad thinking about the recent news of Nigeria’s tallest man passing away. Just a few weeks ago, he asked for help online to get a surgery that could have saved his life. But sadly, he didn’t get the support he needed, and his health got worse. Now, his name is everywhere on blogs. We often get caught up in our own lives, chasing our own goals, and forgetting about the struggles of others. But we should learn to celebrate and appreciate each other while we’re still alive. Let’s take this as a chance to change our ways and celebrate the people around us. Instead of waiting for something bad to happen, let’s recognize and appreciate each other every day. Let’s show support and kindness whenever we can.