Nigeria’s security situation is improving, and separatist threats are diminishing, according to SGF Chief Mustapha.

Boss Mustapha, Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), has stated that insecurity in the country is decreasing.


The SGF stated insurgency in the north-east and separatist threats in the south-east had decreased “considerably” in his keynote talk at an event in Kaduna on Thursday March 10 with the topic “Stakeholders Engagement on the Current Security Situation in the North-West.”


Mustapha further reported that around 30,000 rebels had surrendered so far, together with their families.


He stated,

“The security situation has relatively improved across all parts of the country.

“The threats of the separatists in the south-east and parts of south-south geo-political zones have reduced in traction. Our waters are now calm and we no longer receive reports of daily attacks by pirates.

“Troops of operation Sharan Daji, in conjunction with personnel of the Nigeria Police Force and other intelligence/security and paramilitary agencies, have sustained an onslaught against the criminal elements.”

 “Some of the measures include; increase in budgetary allocation as well as shoring up the equipment holding of the military and other security agencies.

“Similarly, approval was granted for the recruitment of 10,000 police personnel for three consecutive years, while their salaries have been upwardly reviewed to boost their morale, enhance productivity and elicit hard work.

“With the recent dimensions of security challenges including human trafficking, baby factory syndrome, ritual killings and the like, the sanctity of human life has been called into question.

“The perpetrators of the evil acts live among us and are our relatives. This highlights the need for the cooperation of the communities and the whole-of-society approach to tackle insecurity.”

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