Nigerians are watching us – INEC Chairman tells staff

Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has urged electoral personnel to uphold the oath of neutrality while carrying out their duty in the governorship election in Osun State on July 16.


In a statement issued on Friday, July 15, a few hours before the start of the election in which the residents of the state would choose their next governor for four years, Mahmood charged the commission’s workers to maintain INEC’s Code of Conduct and act professionally and with commitment.


The complete text of the statement reads;



Osun State Governorship Election

16th July 2022

Exactly 27 days ago, we conducted and concluded the Ekiti Governorship Election that was widely adjudged to be free, fair, credible, and inclusive. The feat was happily an elongation of the earlier successes recorded in Edo and Ondo States on 15th September and 10th October 2020, and in Anambra State on 6th November 2021. The sheer determination, resilience, and competence displayed by all of you, our members of staff, made it possible for the Commission to achieve these lofty goals.

As you are aware, the Osun State Governorship election will hold on Saturday. I have assured our stakeholders and the people of Osun State that the Commission will not do anything to the advantage or disadvantage of any political party or candidate. We have made adequate arrangements for the election. We have promised a level playing field for all. The security agencies have assured us of safety.

The people of Osun State and Nigerians will understandably hold us to our promise on election day. They will observe our attitude and behaviour from the opening to the closing of polls. They will particularly observe our management of the election results and measure the extent of our adherence to the extant laws through every stage of the electoral process.

I appeal to you to uphold our Code of Conduct, display your usual sense of commitment and professionalism, remain above board and firmly resist any unethical behaviour. You must also stick to the Oath of Neutrality to which we have all subscribed. I have confidence in your ability to consolidate our recent successes.


Thank you for all your efforts.

Prof. Mahmood Yakubu

Abuja, Friday 15th July 2022.”

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