“Nigerians are good competitive abroad due to good educate they get before leaving”_ Pres. Buhari

Nigerian president, Mohammadu Buhari has said that Nigerians abroad are good competitive because of the good and quality education they get before leaving the country.

On the statement made by special adviser on media and publicity, Femi Adesina, the president made the comment when he met with the Minister of State Foreign Affair of the United Arab Emirates, Shaikh Shakboot Alnahyan, at the sidelines of Paris Peace Forum on Friday.

Buhari said ;”Nigerians are all over the place, very competitive. And the competitiveness starts from home, where they have acquired good education, gone into businesses, and then take all that abroad.”

He also gave encouragement to Nigerians in Diaspora to “subject themselves to the rules and standards of the country in which they live either as working class, or doing businesses.”

President Mohammadu Buhari accepted the offer by UAE to be in partnership with Nigeria in terms of renewable energy, Agriculture, infrastructure logistics, and provision of vaccine to control the Covid-19 pandemic.

Alnahyan said his country thinks highly of President Mohammadu Buhari over his leadership in the country, stating he is striving to “building a better future for generations to come,” adding that Nigerians have added much value to his country.

On proposed investment in Nigeria, Alnahyan said it would be a win-win situation “which would bring hope and opportunities for people in both countries. We want to come and add quality and value.”

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