Nigeria Man Who Was An Atheist In Nigeria Shares How He Became Born-Again In America

A Nigerian man who was once an atheist in Nigeria shares how he was converted to Christian in American.

The man whose name on twitter is Eleanye Eke Urum narrated that when he was in Nigeria, he could not see any connection between the God they were preaching and the reality he was living at then.

However, after spending four years in America, he then now rediscovered his freedom in God

Sharing tweet, he wrote;

“Nigeria turned me into an atheist. I couldn’t reconcile what Nigerian religious people said and what they did and I couldn’t see any relationship between the God they preached and the reality I lived.

“It was in US, after more than 4 years, that I rediscovered freedom in God.”

“When I talk to many young people who are atheists, or have rejected Christianity it’s almost always cos of horrible things they’ve seen among so called Christians, the dogmatic, hate filled, judgy, hypocritical nonsense. It’s not surprising. I just pray they find their truth.”

The best way, in my own experience, for a young person to find God today is to REJECT almost everything Nigerian churches teach you. Allow yourself to engage with God on your own terms, at your own time and through your own understanding. God will find you, if you want.”

There are no rules to it. It’s not morality, it’s not social cohesion, it’s not conformity, it’s not following rules and regulations. It’s simply God and freedom. I pray that the loud voices of religious people don’t drown that out for you all.”

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