NATO warns Russia against invading Ukraine, saying “the military buildup is unwarranted and inexplicable.”

As the Russian military amasses hundreds of thousands of troops near Ukraine’s borders, the transatlantic military alliance NATO has warned Russia that any effort to invade Ukraine would be costly.

Following large war games in western Russia earlier this year, Ukraine claims Moscow kept 90,000 troops near its border. The Russian 41st army is still stationed at Yelnya, about 160 miles north of the Ukrainian border, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.



Moscow denies any invasion plans and refuses to reveal specifics about army movements, claiming that the Russian Army can go anywhere on Russian soil.


Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary-General of NATO, has issued a warning to nuclear powers.

“If Russia employs force against Ukraine, there will be price and repercussions,” stated Stoltenberg.

He commented ahead of a conference of the 30-nation military organization’s foreign ministers in Latvia, which will focus on Russia’s activities from November 30 to December 1. He didn’t specify how much these charges would be.

“Russia has accumulated a huge and unusual concentration of forces in the region for the second time this year,” Stoltenberg told reporters. Tanks, artillery, armored units, drones, and electronic warfare equipment, along with combat-ready personnel, he stated.

“This military buildup has occurred without warning and without explanation. It inflames tensions and puts people in danger of making mistakes “According to Stoltenberg.


He acknowledged that “no confidence exists regarding Russia’s intentions,” but added that “this is a military buildup by a country that has already invaded Ukraine.”

After the country’s Moscow-friendly president was thrown from power by major demonstrations in 2014, Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimea Peninsula. Russia backed a separatist uprising that erupted in Ukraine’s east a few weeks later.

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