“Na candidate wey dey stingy to private ministries we go vote” Rev. Fr. Oluoma answers to Fr. Mbaka’s remark that Peter Obi is stingy

Fr. Oluoma Chinenye John has replied to his fellow Rev Father,  Fr. Ejike Mbaka’s criticism to Presidential aspirant, Peter Obi as a stingy human being

Mbaka stated during an adoration session on Wednesday, June 15, that Peter Obi, who refused to publicly sow seed in Mbaka’s Ministry in 2018, cannot be elected President of Nigeria because he is too stingy and would impoverish Nigerians.


Nigerians have been outraged by the remark, and Mbaka has been rejected by the Catholic Diocese of Enugu.


Fr. Oluoma responded on Facebook, saying Peter Obi is parsimonious with private ministries like Mbaka’s Adoration Ministry but generous with state institutions such as schools and hospitals.


He expressed himself thusly:


“My positions on 2023 elections are: Na presidential candidate wey no bribe delegates we go vote.


“Na candidate wey dey stingy to private ministries but generous to public institutions like schools and hospitals we go vote.”


"Na candidate wey dey stingy to private ministries we go vote" Rev. Fr. Oluoma responds to Fr. Mbaka

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