“My money, passport, wig all gone”_ Tacha terrified as her luggages were stolen in France

Tacha, famous BBNaija realtor was terrified as most of all her belongings were stolen in France where she went for vacation.

The ‘Big Friday Show’ on coolfm host said she went to France with three big luggages but two got missing which contains most of all her valuable items.

According to Tacha, her Laptop, wig, money, clothes, shoes and even her international passport were stolen along with the luggages.

The ‘Peppe Dem’ contestant was so bittered that she described Paris which is in France as the real Ghetto.

Paris is really GHETTO!! How do you steal luggages?? 2 Big Luggages!!!,” Tacha said.

On the videos she posted on Twitter, she said even if she doesn’t get all her stuffs back, but just a luggage and few of her things, she would use that to compensate herself because she is not feeling good going back to Nigeria with just one luggage out of the three she came with.

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