Mr Macaroni raises alarm over the disappearance of colleague, Cute Abiola

Nigerian popular comedian, Mr Macaroni has raised alarm over the disappearance of his colleague, Ahmed Gafar known as Cute Abiola.

Mr Macaroni made this known via his twitter account where he said he received a message that Cute Abiola is missing.

On twitter, Mr Macaroni shared a forwarded message that stated how and when Ahmed Gafar got missing.

According to the message that was forwarded, Cute Abiola got missing on the 15th November 2021, about 6:00am to 7:00am where he left for the office.

After he got to the office, Cute Abiola called his wife that he has arrived at his office. Ever since, his wife and other associates have tried reaching him on phone but to no avail.

It was also stated as it was “subsequently gathered” that Cute Abiola is locked up in the Nigerian Navy cell after he left for office that morning.

See posts Mr Macaroni shared below

Mr Macaroni then said that if the Nigerian Navy have any information about the disappearance of his colleague, they should please forward it to the Cute Abiola’s family and friends so they can confirm if he is in their custody.

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