“Mr Eazi is a food abuse”_ Daniel Regha attacks Mr Eazi for eating multiple foods

Nigerian sensational known for dragging celebrities at any slightest opportunity, Daniel Regha has attacked mr Eazi for eating multiple foods.

On social media, Nigerian popular singer, Mr Eazi, posted his breakfast of complex of foods which consist of jellof rice, Eba and egusi soup and stew that got the attention of Daniel.

Sharing the posted on Mr Eazi Twitter handle, he wrote :“the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

Seeing this post on Twitter, Daniel called Mr Eazi a food abuse and that he should improve on his eating habit.

He went on to say that because Mr Eazi has much to eat does not mean he should consume everything at once.

“Mr Eazi this is food abuse; Foods might always be available but that doesn’t mean u should eat all at once. That being said, there’s too much meat in the Egusi soup, & the stew was unnecessary since the jollof was already plated with fish plus avocados. Improve ur eating habits,” Daniel Regha tweeted.

Other netizens saw this post and reacted to it based on what Daniel said. See some below.

@OGGeneral19_”was he the one that told you his gonna eat them all”

@SamuelAdikwu1_”Snap your own make we see”