Moment soldiers made a man sleep inside a gutter filled with dirt and water (video)

A video has put discouragement in the heart of so many as it found it way to social media capturing the moment some soldiers made a man sleep inside a dirty gutter.

In the video that was posted on Instagram by Gossipboyz1, shows how the man was laying down flat in the gutter filled with dirt and water.

While the soldier who made the unknown man sleep inside the gutter was standing with legs crossed over the gutter and held a stick to discipline him if he fail to comply.

The man insider the gutter could also be seen demonstrating probably for forgiveness so the soldiers can free him.

The person that was videotaping the scene quickingly hid his phone immediately the soldier looked back and suspected someone was capturing him.

However, the reason why the man was punished in such a way was not reveal.

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