Moment singer Ruger asked a girl to say “Fvck you” to her boyfriend on stage

A video of Nigerian Singer known as Ruger asking a girl to say “Fvck you” to her boyfriend has been going viral on social media recently.

On the video clip, Ruger who was performing on stage called out a girl and asked her to say the F- word to her boyfriend which she screamed out without any hesitation.

Ruger even asked the lady to mention her boyfriend’s name, and she did and shouted her boyfriend’s name with “Fvck you”.

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See some reactions below

@favouritelawyer__ “You know life is funny. It’s all fun and games till we face reality. You are online saying fuck you to the boy who has probably loved you genuinely. You left your house as someone’s gf and got to a show and denied him. Just because you want to chase clout with rugar that will never marry or even consider you. Now you loose both ways and you also forget the internet stays forever and videos can be dug out. Life is funny, just for the heat at the moment you decide to insult someone’s son. That means if it was your hubby you will do same? Well, what do I know? I just hope you and rugar have a wedding to plan. Nwaewu!”

@sheen witty__ “Say fuvck you.. And she screamed.. For 2 minutes To someone who bought you the ticket Gan Gan.. Just go back to the singles street.. No need..”

@herodaniels__ “On behalf of all the Daniels, Ruger is canceled! One eyed men can’t be trusted. For the girl, Imao.”

@mira_daniels__ “But why will Ruger make such request? Your fellow man? And why are some ladies like this ?? Why must they always make themselves an object of disrespect and abuse! Foolishness at its core or is it part of the woke behavior? What happens to walking away with a stylish smile on the face. It’s well”

@ohenemmanuel __”This video will be on the net for life! Even her next boyfriend go know say she no get sense”

@officialzarah__ “Omo some girls are so shameless”