Moment singer Offset mistaken for Rema in France(video)

A video going viral on social media shows the moment when American rapper, Offset was mistaken for Rema in France.

On the video shared on Twitter by a netizen with the username Drey, revealed how a fan was screaming “Rema” when Offset arrived at a venue. The identity mistake was due to Rema’s similar hairstyle that Offset plaited.

The video has shown that though Rema is a Nigerian singer, he has gotten fame and popularity across the world even in France, he was recognized even when he was not the one.

Sharing the video on Twitter, the user wrote,”Rema is so popular in France that they shouted ‘Rema’ when Offset pulled up rocking similar hairstyle as Rema.

Besides having the biggest African song and album in France, Rema is as famous as his songs around the world.A Superstar for real.”

It was later known that it was Rema but Offset that was at the venue.

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